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Interpreting Lindisfarne Heugh

Client: Northumberland Coast AONB

Working with Elizabeth Pickett we researched, wrote and designed six panels to interpret this unique landscape. The Heugh is a distinctive ridge on Holy Island, formed from whinstone – the same rock that has resulted in landscape features such as Hadrian’s Wall and the Farne Islands.

The project was part of the Heritage Lottery-funded Peregrini Lindisfarne Landscape Partnership Scheme, managed by Northumberland Coast AONB.

The challenge here was to mesh a complicated and to some extent uncertain history with a look at the Heugh’s unique whin grassland and the geology which underpins the landscape. We achieved this with a suite of three panels in the Lantern Chapel: a ‘main’ welcome panel introducing the landscape and geology with an annotated oblique view of the area; a history panel and then a Whin Grassland panel. The main panel links visually to the two smaller subject panels.

Finally another ‘welcome’ panel at the main access point to the site sets the scene and also has an annotated oblique view to help orientate the first-time visitor.